Campus Activism Track

Passionate about Palestine? Need to get your facts straight?

Join us and study the evolution of Palestinian history and activism. Our intense training workshops will leave you feeling empowered and informed.

Join CAT, Intense Training Workshops.

This year we are offering a unique two-day training on the history of Palestine, current events and leadership training. This will be held on Friday 11/23 and Saturday 11/24 From 10:30 am – 5:00 pm both days. This training will be offered by a wide variety of experts, including Imam Omar Suleiman, Dr. Illan Pappe, Dr. Mohanad Mustafa, Dr. Hatem Bazian, Dr. Abdalah Marouf, Dr. Mohammad Abbasi, and our own Tarek Khalil and the AMP team. It will include lectures and workshops.

We offer this for only $60 per person, which covers registration and a hotel room shared by 3 other students. If no hotel rooms are needed then registration is only $10 for students committing to be at the training.

  • Palestine 101
  • Palestine History
  • Activism
  • Leadership
For more information, contact
  • Dr. Nida Sahouri, Head of CAT Committee. ‭(815) 621-7609,

Contact your local chapter.

  • New Jersey, New York > Mohammad Habehh: (201) 658-5558
  • Missouri> Muath Salameh: (314) 484-7113
  • Ohio> Jomana Alhinti: (501) 310-3680
  • Michigan > Hazem Alghusain: (313) 258-3961
  • Minnesota> Mariam ElKhatib: (612)703-4966

Registration Only $10
Registration + Hotel room $60
Registration +Bus Ride $40
Registration + Bus Ride + Hotel Room $100

Guest Speakers

Dr. Hatem Bazian

President, AMP

Imam Omar Suleiman

American Muslim scholar, civil rights activist and speaker

Dr. Abdallah Marouf

Assistant Professor, Islamic History

Ilan Pappé

Historian and Socialist Activist

Dr. Mohammad Abbasi

Community Leader

Dr. Mohanad Mustafa

Director of research programs at the Arab Center for Applied Social Studies in Haifa

Tarek Khalil

AMP Chicago Chapter, Attorney and Activist

Amer Zahr

Comedian, Writer, Speaker, Commentator & Professor